(9) EMDR: 21st-Century Therapy and the Possibilities for Healing [0.75 hr CE Credit]

Presenter: Francine Shapiro, PhD

Participants completing this presentation will:

  1. Learn about the Adaptive Information Processing Model that informs the use of EMDR.
  2. Learn how inappropriately stored memories are the basis of dysfunctional thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  3. Learn about EMDR as a comprehensive psychotherapy approach that can treat a wide range of clinical issues and complaints.

Description: EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) has
been so well researched that it is now recommended as a front line
treatment for trauma in the Practice Guidelines of American Psychiatric
Association, and those of the Department of Defense and of Veterans
Affairs. It is an integrative psychotherapy that offers a new and distinct
approach to personality development and the treatment of pathology.

The clinical applications of EMDR with an information processing focus can
be used as a general model of psychotherapy addressing a full range of
issues of everyday clinical practice, including family therapy impasses.
Increasingly, research evidence is showing that there’s a kind of
psychological change that can happen at the level of adaptive information
processing, opening up the possibility of powerful therapeutic effects that
can exceed expectations both in the speed and depth of their impact.

In this presentation, you’ll get an experience of the implicit and
associational memory networks that govern our feelings, thoughts, and
reactions outside the realm of rational thought. You’ll learn how EMDR and
the Adaptive Information Processing model apply not only to trauma, but
also to personality disorders, depression, chronic pain, sexual
compulsivity, and other dysfunctional behaviors and thoughts.

EMDR group protocols will be illustrated that have been used worldwide
after both natural and man-made disasters. It is believed that the
treatment of trauma through networks of clinicians can aid in breaking the
cycle of violence worldwide.