Future of IGI

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Feedback from the thousands of health professionals that have taken IGI℠ Certification training indicate that it is a rapid route to insight, creativity, conflict resolution, growth, and change.

One constant piece of feedback we get from our graduates is that using imagery interactively with IGI℠ has vastly improved their listening, communicating, guiding, and therapeutic skills, whether they are mental health professionals, medical or nursing practitioners, coaches, health care educators, or lay practitioners.

We believe that learning how to competently guide the imagery process interactively should be a fundamental part of every health professional’s education and training, and we have worked toward that goal by co-sponsoring many of our professional training programs with well-established schools of medicine, nursing and psychology.

The Academy is also participating in research studies exploring the uses of imagery in pain control, surgical preparation and recovery, addictions, and cancer chemotherapy, and it has established a non-profit Imagination Foundation to support further research in these and other areas.

We believe that humans have always used their imagination to solve problems that threatened their survival. Our times demand that we now learn to use this powerful information processing and problem solving approach even more effectively to help heal ourselves, our families, our communities, and our planet.

A sustainable future depends in part on our ability to imagine what that would be like, in both personal and global terms, and we are committed to supporting the healing potential of this much underutilized resource – the human imagination.