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Certification Benefits


• You will learn an approach to guiding imagery that is deep, rapid, and powerful, with immediate applications in your practice.

• You will receive personalized supervision and expert coaching by the Academy’s multi-disciplinary faculty to assist you in quickly developing and perfecting your clinical imagery skills.

• You will also learn to coach yourself and self-correct when using Interactive Guided Imagery℠ techniques.


• You will acquire a rich library of instructions, imagery scripts, demonstrations and readings that you can review whenever you like.


• You will gain greater clinical confidence by learning state-of-the-art imagery techniques and approaches that are highly effective for various clinical applications.

• You will also receive thorough training in the risks, contraindications, and precautions in working with clinical guided imagery so that you can practice within your own comfort zone.


• You will be included in the Academy’s highly active online Directory of Imagery Practitioners, a widely requested resource accessible through many referral sources on the internet.

• You will have the Academy’s referral service actively promoting you and your practice.


• You will receive a handsome Certificate that documents your commitment to professional excellence and mastery of Interactive Guided Imagery℠ skills.

• You will share in the Academy’s visibility and reputation as the leading organization providing imagery training for psychotherapy, counseling, coaching, and mind/body medicine.


• You will also become a member of a select network of health professionals at the leading edge of health psychology and mind/body medicine.

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