Enrollment Instructions

1. Download the AGI Student Contract and if you are enrolling in a Monthly Payment Plan, also download the AGI Discount Promissory Note below.

2. Read, agree, sign (either physically or electronically), and provide the necessary information for the AGI Student Contract and AGI Discount Promissory Note.

3. Save these completed and signed forms on your computer as .pdf or .zip files and continue to the Enrollment Form below.

4. Fill out and complete the Enrollment Form. You may notice that there are fields that allow you to upload your completed AGI Student Contract, AGI Discount Promissory Note, and other documents / credentials depending on how you’re enrolling (e.g. Clinicians, Students, Educator / Coach / Clergy).

5. Once you’ve submitted your Enrollment Form, continue to the Courses & Workshops tab either above or below.

6. Select the Courses and Workshops you’d like to enroll in or are eligible for and add them to your cart and checkout.