Visiting a Professional

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For more serious situations, appropriate care can best be provided by health professionals or educators who have been specifically trained and certified in Interactive Guided Imagery℠ by the Academy for Guided Imagery.

IGI℠ is an easy-to-learn method of empowering your mind to greatly enhance the process of healing.

With the aid of a supportive, well trained Interactive Imagery Guide℠, you can learn specific skills and techniques to help you relax, relieve stress, encourage physical healing, enhance mind/body communication, solve problems, sharpen your intuition and creativity, resolve conflict, overcome health endangering habits, and become more effective at setting and reaching your goals.

To locate a Certified IGI℠ Guide in your area, please click here.

Self Help

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While it is always advisable to seek care from a trained professional, many basic guided imagery techniques for simple relaxation, stress management, and related problems are commercially available on CDs, DVDs, Digital Downloads and may be helpful and cost-effective for minor, self-limiting problems (see the Imagery Store).