Requirements for Certification

Certification in Interactive Guided Imagery offers your patients, clients, and colleagues evidence of thorough training, demonstrated competence, and uncompromising ethics. It also confers eligibility to be included as a Certified Imagery Guide℠ in the Academy's frequently visited and highly respected online Directory of Imagery Practitioners.

Certification entitles the practitioner to use the terms "IGI℠", "Interactive Imagery℠", "Interactive Guided Imagery℠", "Interactive Imagery Guide℠", "Imagery Guide℠" and "Certified Imagery Guide℠". The service mark denotes that IGI is a legally registered process, that these terms are owned by the Academy for Guided Imagery, and that "℠" must always be applied when referring to or using these terms.

Professional Certification in Interactive Guided Imagery℠ is awarded by satisfactorily completing the Academy for Guided Imagery's 150­ hour training curriculum consisting of the following programs:

AGI Certification Curriculum

Technical Requirements
Academy training materials are available only as online downloads, so all students must be able to download these materials from an internet site. Course workbooks are downloaded as .pdf files, audio lectures as .mp3 files, and video lectures and demonstrations as .mp4 files. These files can be quite large, so access to high speed internet is recommended.

Students attending online Preceptorships must also be familiar with online video conferencing technology and:

(1) Have a computer or laptop with high speed internet access.
(2) Have a webcam and USB headset.
(3) Know how to use all of the above on
Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts, or